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Purple Aluminium Square Earrings
Silver Minim Pearl Collection

About Us

We are Alex and Silvia, a couple of silversmith from Barcelona. Our history begins 10 years ago when we met at the jewelry school and decided to create AtelierBCNJoia together.

We started the journey believing in handmade jewelry made with soul and mind. At the beginning we made markets and fairs in our beautiful city, and we still do that! Now you find us here, we want to make the next step and cross seas and reach more people and give them a little part of us.

Our pieces are made one by one in our workshop. We believe in things well done and we try to make the final result as well as possible. The handmade jewelry show the character of the artisan who makes it. It is a small part of him.

We make collections inspired by nature and with diverse materials; silver and bronze. We use natural stones and cultivated freshwater pearls, only with first quality materials.

The pieces are made of solid silver and the golden ones are made of solid bronze with the silver closure. They are light and comfortable, perfect for wear it every day or on special occasions.


Handmade with Love

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